Charleston Facades ReVisited

Some of my photographic work has been based on an interest in history and architecture. In an earlier portfoiio of hand painted photographs of Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites, the walls and facades of ancient temples that reflected the ages with their peeling and marked surfaces, engaged me. In that portfolio as well as this one "Charleston Facades Revisited Series", I am intrigued with the style of architecture used in the construction of the buildings that made them functional as well as decortive. The Charleston subject matter that I am drawn to is similar to the Greek sites; which are buildings with stately columns of classical style, with surfaces that have a beautiful patina reflecting the passing of time. St. Phillips Episcopal Church has been a subject and primary focus over the past several years. This photo/mixed media series is an blend of classical architectural style inherent in the photograph of the building and a contemporary color plalette used by the artisit that blends photography and painting. Natural light is a strong design element used to organize pictorial elements within the photographs. Some are large original black/white photographs ( 40" x 40") on canvas with selective areas painted in oil. 

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